Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
39th Zen-Noh Japan Curling Championship 2022 TV Channel

The 2022 Japan Curling Championships (branded as the 39th Zen-Noh Japan Curling Championships) are currently being held from May 22 to 29 at the Tokoro Curling Club in Tokoro, Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan.[1] Both the men’s and women’s events were played in a round robin format which qualified four teams for a page playoff.

Because of the 2022 Winter Olympics, a World Championship Trial was held in December 2021 between three teams on the men’s and women’s sides to determine Japan’s representatives for the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship and 2022 World Women’s Curling Championship. Due to this, the Japan Curling Championships were pushed back later into the year. Instead of the winner qualifying for the upcoming World Championships like usual, the winners of the 2022 Japan Curling Championships will qualify as the Japanese representatives for the new Pan-Continental Curling Championships.

Tournament name: 39th Zen-Noh Japan Curling Championship
Organizer: Japan Curling Association
Tournament period: May 22nd (Sun) -25th 29th (Sun)
Venue: Kitami City Advics Tokoro Curling Hall
Participating team
[Men]: Consadore, Tokoro Junior, Sapporo International University, Team Ishimura, Team Tokyo, SC Karuizawa Club, Okayama CA, Kitami Association, Nagano Prefecture CA
[Women]: FORTIUS, LOCOSOLARE, Hokkaido Bank, Philoseek Aomori, Fujikyu, C Karuizawa Club, Team Hiroshima, Chubu Electric Power, Sapporo Association
Tournament special site:
● Tournament schedule and sports navigation distribution target games (planned) Matches marked with “■” in the table are the matches targeted for sports navigation distribution.

  • The distribution card is subject to change due to various circumstances.

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